Kaai Yamada

What made you want to study at Hosei?

When i went to visit Hosei University during the the summer open campus, I got amazed by how clean the campus was and the height of the Boissonade tower that astonished me in a split second. The fact that this University is located in the middle of the city also made me want to study in Hosei University.

What is the best experience that you have had so far since you joined SCOPE?

Because it is a small community, I was able to interact with each every one of them, which I believe deepened the bond between us. The best experience here is that SCOPE made me feel like I am always welcomed and was able to make this place my second home, where I can share my opinion and thoughts without feeling uncomfortable.

Which aspect(s) of SCOPE do you enjoy the most?

I like how we can communicate with each other and collaborate well during class discussions. Another aspect I like about SCOPE is in fact the student population itself. Small student population allows students to talk to the professor more often, which can be helpful since almost all concerns can be solved.

What are you looking forward to in the coming years (in sophomore, junior, and senior years and after graduation)?

I am looking forward for myself to improve as an individual. I want opportunities to interact with different students from different countries. I hope to learn about the sustainability of different regions in the world and be exposed to different cultures that can help shape my perception of a sustained society equally without a single bias.  

Any advice or message would you give to prospective students who are interested in applying to SCOPE?

If you are looking for an environment where you can work in a small group, express yourself and share ideas without feeling nervous, but also challenge yourself by being exposed to a bigger class in Hosei and travel around, I think SCOPE definitely reaches all the conditions above.