On Wednesday, June 14,2017, Ms. Yuu SHIBATA, came to HOSEI University and gave a special seminar entitled “My Life History and Career”. She is currently working in the Environment and Social Consideration Review and Supervision Division and the Credit Risk Analysis and Environmental Review Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

She was a member of a seminar directed by Professor Fujikura, who is the current director of SCOPE. She also graduated from the Faculty of Sustainability Studies, HOSEI University, in 2004.

After graduating from University, She started to work at an environmental consulting company as a sales representative. After 5 years of experience working in the company, she entered University of Leeds (UK) to get her Master’s degree (Master of Science in Sustainability). After graduating from Leeds University, she took part in on internship program at a consulting company in UK and United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UN-IAS) in Japan, then, she started to work at JICA.

She stated her working background, including her current job and career path, along with various jobs and positions for international cooperation. In addition, she mentioned how to get a job and what kind of skill set required for a job category, such as the United Nations, JICA, A Construction consulting company, NGOs, and volunteer work.

She also mentioned many ways to work in those fields depending on the level of work. For example, if you hope to work with local people in developing countries, you should consider working in a project level organization like NGOs or volunteering. On the other hand, if you hope to work in the United Nations, it would be a much more global and policy oriented level of work.

After the presentation , students asked many questions such as “Why did you choose to work in JICA?”, “What is the most important ability needed to work in such an international aid agency?”.
This seminar gave the students an invaluable chance to learn the current state of international organizations and their required skill set.

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