Career potentials: Opportunities are borderless, locally or globally

The Faculty of Sustainability Studies, in which SCOPE was established, has been successful in maintaining high rates of employment across various types of industries, including Japanese corporations active in overseas and global operations. Many of the graduates also pursue academic career and research interest on particular subjects of their own choosing at graduate schools.

SCOPE will offer the opportunity of not only getting fundamental knowledge about internationally established subjects at university level, but also obtaining Japanese knowledge and experience, all in English – a most useful lingua franca.

In SCOPE, with its carefully designed curriculum, students can learn about the experience and efforts that Japan, in particular, has been making in order to achieve a sustainable society. Its graduates will become valuable glocal human resources capable of universally applying their knowledge and experience in both local and global contexts.

Private Enterprises

With assimilated expertise of advanced environmental
management and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and CSV (Creating Shared Values) of Japanese Corporations

Public Service Offices,
local and national

With in-depth observation of the practices implemented in Japan to overcome various issues, which may already exist or reach your own countries and international society in the near future.

Graduate Schools

To further quest for ideas of a new society

After World War II, Japan’s economies grew rapid rates that no other country had ever achieved at that time. Presently, it has to face various difficult and fundamental issues such as international environmental problems, decreasing birthrates and aging population, to name a few.

That is why the term “a country of advanced problems/issues” often applies to Japan. We believe the firsthand knowledge and experience that Japan has accumulated can help or facilitate other countries, individually or regionally, to learn through their own efforts to realize a sustainable society. SCOPE students can also become vocal and real innovators to tackle these problems since SCOPE provides a unique and rare opportunity for them to fuse their own experiences with Japanese experiences.

To meet those goals, SCOPE incorporates Field Workshops. That is, getting out of the class room and meeting people who are dealing with issues in various fields, in order to better understand how to relate class-room studies to real-life issues. SCOPE will enable students to acquire specific knowledge and experience, which are often regarded as applicable only to Japan, and transform this knowledge and experience into a competitive advantage which can be used in both local and global contexts.

Message from Graduates

Shaowei wang

・Graduated from the Department of Sustainability Studies in 2017
・Seven-Eleven Japan Co, Ltd.

I mainly studied “Economic Environment”. To solve various environmental problems I suggested solutions using concrete examples. Through this process I could acquire problem thinking skills. I especially learned how to deal with environmental problems using Microeconomics, Business Administration and Economics Environmental Studies ways of thinking in order to create a sustainable society.
Recently, companies that make a point of focusing on environmental measures are increasing. Due to the fact that they are seeking to profit from the continuation of economic development, they need to deal with environmental issues as well.
I am thinking that we can tackle real environmental issues by applying the knowledge I acquired at HOSEI University to business activities. In addition, I can contribute to society by creating a system for dealing with company related environmental issues.

I studied as an international student from China. I didn’t just associate with students from China, I also tried to make Japanese friends. Please have an exciting student life and make every minute of your life “perfect”. I hope that you will live your dream and move on towards a bright future.

Kaori Shimoda

I am now working in the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs. My duties are to assist enterprises to secure human resources, and to provide job searching assistance to graduating university students, high school students and people who want to change jobs. We provide our services with the collaboration from Hello Work, schools and corporations. My job is challenging as we always need to pay attention to the latest changes in the labor market, but it is also very rewarding as we can see the results very clearly.

As civil servants in a local municipality, we interact with people from different backgrounds, and it is important for us to have a flexible way of thinking and a wide range of interests. The experiences and various encounters that I have had during the four years of studies in the Faculty of Sustainability Studies have sharped me into a sensible person, suitable for my current job. The biggest advantage of studying at the Facility of Sustainability Studies is that through the concern for the environment as a starting point, we are exposed to a wide range of knowledge in various disciplines such as law, economics, the sciences, etc. We are also provided with many opportunities to acquire actual experiences in the field. Through lectures and field workshops, we are guided to formulate our own thinking on issues in which we are interested. Moreover, through the discussion in academic seminars on urban policy, the revitalization of local community, and others, we are exposed to many actual cases and we obtain an in-depth understanding on the real situation on the ground. These experiences are directly relevant to what I am doing at my current position.

Mabumi Hirata

In my four years of studies at the Facility of Sustainability Studies, I have actively learned about the environmental issues of the international society, and I have also learned a lot about the domestic affairs of Japan. I am now working at a company that is involved in infrastructure construction in developing countries. Based on the thorough understanding of the complicated issues of developing countries, and the various perspectives and way of thinking that I have acquired in the Facility of Sustainability Studies, I am able to apply what I have learnt to my current job. The training to think and comprehend questions that have no answers provided is the most important thing for my current job.