Career potentials: SCOPE graduates are active in various fields around the world

 After World War II, Japan’s economy grew at rapid rates that no other country had ever achieved. However, at present Japan is facing a variety of social and environmental problems, both domestic and international. We believe that through these experiences Japan has accumulated knowledge that can be an example for other countries and regions to learn from in order to realize a sustainable society. In SCOPE, with its carefully designed curriculum, students can learn about the specific experience and efforts that Japan has been making in order to achieve a sustainable society. SCOPE students can become vocal and real innovators to tackle sustainability challenges as SCOPE provides a unique and rare opportunity for students to fuse their own experiences with Japanese experiences. We believe that SCOPE graduates will become valuable glocal citizens, capable of universally applying their knowledge and experience in both local and global contexts. Starting with the graduation of the SCOPE first generation students in 2020, SCOPE graduates are active in diverse fields such as businesses and graduate schools in various countries and regions. SCOPE graduates are able to use their knowledge and experiences to promote sustainability in the corporate world. In fact, as (many companies in Japan?) are required to consider issues of sustainability and work to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the training one receives in SCOPE can directly impact these goals. Other SCOPE graduates are pursuing graduate degrees, developing their research interest on issues related to sustainability all over the world.

Message from Graduates

Towa Demura

  • Rakuten Group, Inc. Marketing Division
  • Graduated in 2021
SCOPE offers a multi-dimensional understanding of sustainability by not only focusing on the environmental, but looking at the bigger picture including social and economic sustainability. Holistic understanding of sustainability is becoming increasingly essential for those entering the workforce as it is no longer knowledge only required by specialists. After graduating SCOPE, I entered a Japanese e-commerce company called Rakuten and was assigned to a department overseeing its sports partnerships. Though the connection between sports and sustainability may not be evident at first glance, I encounter it every day in my day-to-day work such as ensuring that our actions are sustainable. For future students, though sustainability is a very broad concept, SCOPE does an excellent job of providing a diverse range of topics connected to sustainability and I’m certain there will be an aspect that will captivate you. The professors all come from a strong background with expertise in different areas, making information you would only be able to get through extensive research accessible to you every day in the classroom. Finally, please enjoy your precious time as a student, cherish the people that you meet, and I wish all future students a fruitful and stimulating journey at SCOPE.

Miki McAlinn

  • Graduated in 2020
  • Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University
SCOPE helped me build a mindset focused on the importance and future of sustainability. What I learned at Hosei and through my experience of visiting Ishigaki Island let to my field of study at Hokkaido University. Looking back on my time at SCOPE, I am very happy and proud to be a graduate of the program. SCOPE provides curriculums that are similar to U.S. colleges. These classes opened my eyes to the environmental problems we are facing. My undergraduate thesis was on studying the situation of the coral reefs in the Shiraho beach, which I would not have thought to study if not for SCOPE. I hope prospective students take the initiative to tackle the environmental problems around you. A part from academics, I joined the cheerleading team GRANDS and Habitat for Humanity – a volunteer group at Hosei. I made many great friends through these activities. If you find anything you are interested in, please take a step. Lastly, I am very thankful for the professors and the office staff for their great support and help.

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