SCOPE is a degree program offered in English in the Faculty of Sustainability Studies at Hosei University.

SCOPE is deeply concerned with issues of the sustainable society, and deals with them in co-creative learning environments. What we mean by sustainable society is, in summary, a lasting harmonious co-existence between mankind and our environment, as well as that among us humans. More specifically, it is a society in which people pursue better standards of living alongside the prosperity of economies, whilst minimizing damage to the environment, so that future generations will be able to enjoy peace, a safe environment, and better human relationships in the various communities. In other words, it is an attempt to shape the future by overcoming the issues for which, at least until now, there are no definitive or ultimate solutions, and during the passage of this endeavor, a series of problems characteristic of our modern society will challenge us. These are, for example, climate change and the conservation of biological diversity. These existing environmental issues should be dealt with not only from a macro/global perspective but also from a micro/local, point of view. Take the example of water pollution, which harms rivers and lakes. This problem would be resolved by replacing soaps from synthetic detergents for washing with organic ones. However, it would lead to another problem. An increase in demand for palm trees, the ingredient to produce the organic soaps, would result in a need to enlarge plantations leading to the destruction of rain forests. In the end, we would next face a deforestation issue. As the above example shows, today’s environmental issues are inter-connected to the extent that one solution may create another problem somewhere else. It may go around in circles without reaching a clear solution. In order to join forces to achieve a sustainable society, it is imperative that people first grasp the whole structure as to how such issues are related to each other, and develop solution-oriented thinking skills. The curriculum in SCOPE incorporates case studies of Japanese society, in which various sustainability issues were confronted and overcame over the years. Our goal is to train students to become glocal (global + local) citizens, who can lead the creation of a sustainable society with global and local perspectives.

SCOPE offers:

  1. In-depth knowledge on environmental studies
  2. The ability to propose solutions and overcome issues of diversified subjects and in various situations.
  3. Experience of contributing to your society and creating your own future through co-creative processes
  4. Development of your competence as a glocal citizen
  5. Glocal experiences through living and studying in Tokyo
  6. Basic and intermediate Japanese language proficiency for those who wish to acquire it by taking courses in the curriculum

Introduction movie:


Academic Life

HOSEI University: Academic Life Amid COVID-19

SCOPE Classes (both in Japanese and English);

Human and Environment ―Satsuki Takahashi
Strategies for Intercultural Communication ―Esther Stockwell
Japanese Society and Sustainability 1 ―Eiko Saeki
Studies for Environment and Society ―Shamik Chakraborty