Anthony Soh Wei Jet

How did you choose SCOPE at Hosei University?

Prior to choosing Hosei University, I wanted to join a university where I could learn how to tackle many of the social and environmental issues, along with understanding the concept of sustainability development. I also looked for a campus that has a strong international background, where I could have a better exposure to people from all walks of life to share and discuss ideas from different perspectives, while at the same time having the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures. Hence, after looking at all of my options, I believed through SCOPE I would be able to achieve all of these goals, and so far in my journey at Hosei University, it has been true.

Tell us about your research project or academic interest.

I have always had a passion for the development of developing nations, as I come from one myself. Though I am currently only at the start of my second year, I have written two papers on this subject through analyzing academic journals and books under the guidance of my professors. As for my research project, I have begun planning to research on the topic of regional revitalization.

What have you enjoyed most about the program so far?

Currently, I most enjoy the class discussions with my classmates and professors, as it is through those discussions where I am able to see what I am lacking in terms of knowledge and see many issues from a different view which I have never known before. On the other hand, the amount of knowledge and experience my professors have helps tremendously to steer discussions and provide us with concepts to better assist us in developing our opinions. All in all, it really helps encourage me to voice out my own thoughts in class and have a free space to discuss topics without judgement or prejudice from others.

Are you involved in any clubs or extracurricular activities?

Yes, I am involved in the eSports club at Hosei University which has gaming sessions twice a week after class and sometimes we even join tournaments together.

What are your future plans and goals?

I plan to use what I have learned at SCOPE, along with my personal experience and background, to contribute back to society and create a more sustainable, inclusive future for us all. Though I am not sure how I will be able to get there, at my present stage in life I believe that I can start by finding an occupation that allows me to do so and work my way up from there. It may be an ambitious goal, but I strongly believe that as someone living on this planet and especially now being a student of sustainability, I have a responsibility to do so for society.