Norie Ushijima

How did you choose SCOPE at Hosei University?

I’ve always dreamt of going to university overseas since high school. However, since overseas universities are relatively expensive in terms of tuition fees and living expenses, I was looking for a university in Japan where I could obtain a degree in English. Several universities in Japan offer degrees in English. However, I decided to enroll in SCOPE at Hosei University because I was interested in sustainability. It all started with a documentary I watched in junior high school called “The True Cost.” The film focused on human rights, environmental issues, and health issues in fast-fashion manufacturing factories under the shadow of glitzy capitalism. Having been interested in many social problems since junior high school, I found SCOPE to be an ideal department for me as it offers many classes that examine society from multiple perspectives, such as social inequality, environmental issues, development studies, business, and international law.

What have you enjoyed most about the program so far?

The Hosei University SCOPE is ideal for people like me who are interested in various social issues. In particular, the seminar classes were the most interesting classes that I’ve taken. I am studying women’s studies from a social psychology perspective and have focused on social issues surrounding women since my first year. The seminars gave me the experience of being mentored by many professors, which allowed me to critique my research topic from different perspectives.

Tell us about your study abroad experience. How did it enhance your study at SCOPE?

I have been studying in The United States since the second half of my third year through the Study Abroad Programme at Hosei University. As I mentioned earlier, I study women’s studies from a social psychology perspective, but the SCOPE does not offer women’s studies, gender studies, or social psychology, so I decided to go abroad to learn more about my research topic. In my study abroad programme, I am taking psychology courses to examine my research topic from a psychological aspect and study the concept of gender. In addition, I took a thesis writing class to prepare for graduate school. I have also been able to gain employment opportunities in the United States, and I believe that the experience of working abroad will have a positive impact on my future plans.

What are your future plans and goals?

I am considering several career paths after graduation. The first is to work in a field of my interest. In the early stages of my studies in the States, I began job hunting and received a job offer from a foreign-owned manufacturing company. The company has been ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in the world and was the best option for me, as I want to work in a profession where I can utilise what I have studied. The second career path I am considering is advancing my education and pursuing my postgraduate studies. As I learned more about my seminar research topic, I became more interested in exploring these issue in graduate school. In addition, as many of my seniors have chosen to go to graduate school, I began considering it as one of my future options. At this stage, I have not decided whether I will get a job or go to graduate school, but whichever I choose, I am confident that what I learned at SCOPE will significantly contribute to my future.