SCOPE, GBP, and Faculty of Sustainability Studies students visited Rakuten* head office (called “Rakuten Crimson House”) which located near to Futako-Tamagawa station, Tokyo on July 20th.

Rakuten is one of famous global companies started in Japan about 20 years ago. It is also famous for changing their official office language into English from Japanese, which is called “Englishnization”.
Rakuten staff members kindly explained to students about their business, philosophy, culture, and so on. Students could see inside of amazing, advanced office building. In addition to that, Students could meet Hosei alumni who is now working for Rakuten and they talked about their student life in Hosei University and reasons why they chose Rakuten. Students were impressed by Rakuten’s innovative culture and global atmosphere and motivated to study further.

We deeply appreciate Rakuten staff members’ kindness for giving students this valuable experience.

*For more information about Rakuten, please visit their website: