SCOPE welcomed Hong Kong’s Community Youth Club (CYC)* on August 1st. Under the Education Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, CYC work for a better Hong Kong such as cleaning Hong Kong, participating in community service projects and so on.

After wonderful performances by CYC students, Professor Ryo Fujikura, the SCOPE director demonstrated a brief lecture for CYC students. SCOPE students and students from other programs interacted with CYC students through icebreaking game and group works. They exchanged gifts each other in the last.
Finally, after campus tour, CYC students participated in “UCHIMIZU IN HOSEI” event held by Hosei University Environmental Center. UCHIMIZU is Japanese traditional culture to sprinkling water over ground to lower temperature during hot summer. CYC students enjoyed the event as well.

*Learn more about Community Youth Club: