Dear SCOPE Prospective 2020 Students,

In response to the ongoing spread of COVID-19, HOSEI University is taking quick actions to adapt to this new environment. All 2020 spring semester classes are now fully moving online.

Each course is delivered through our newly introduced Learning Management System Hoppii, online meeting applications such as Zoom and Cisco Webex, and on-demand video lecture. HOSEI University has concluded contracts with Zoom Video Communications and Cisco, and now all the students can use these applications.

Because most of the SCOPE professors and students had been unfamiliar with distance education, in the beginning, many of us felt more or less awkward. However, as both students and teachers are accustomed to this new environment, we are successfully turning this bewildering situation into an enriching space of learning. We are thrilled as we together ‘co-create’ the unique learning experience. In this way, we are making our utmost effort to deliver the best distance education even in this unprecedented period, hoping to see each other in a real-world soon.

COVID-19 has caused fear, grief and even loneliness among us. However, I believe that it, at the same time, led us to appreciate compassion, resilience, and adaptability. I am confident that our SCOPE program provides the best opportunity to imagine a better future together, even in this period of uncertainty.

We will warmly welcome prospective 2020 students and wish to learn together at SCOPE soon!


Program Director and Professor,
Sustainability Co-creation Programme
Faculty of Sustainability Studies