On 28h October 2022, students participating in the “Co-creative workshop” class of the SCOPE program received members of YASASHII-SEIFUKU, an Inter-school group working toward the sustainability of the apparel industry.
Ema Shimazaki, a first-year student at Chuo University, introduced the origin of their activities when she and her colleague were high school students. Then three high school members explained the problem related to the apparel industry online: the apparel industry places a heavy burden on the environment through water usage, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and the mass disposal of unused clothing. And it is directly related to social issues such as working conditions in sewing factories and child labor in cotton production.
YASASHII-SEIFUKU means environmentally and people-friendly school uniforms. However, in learning more about the apparel industry, they began to focus on selling T-shirts made of organic cotton produced by small farmers in India. Ema explained that they sell T-shirts for school events as a medium for raising awareness among young people.




After the presentations, Mitsuya Inagaki, a supporter of the activity and ambassador of the Textile Exchange, moderated a lively exchange of ideas.
Students were greatly inspired by their peers who are taking action to solve the sustainability challenges they learn about in the classroom. It is hoped that through these opportunities, students will enhance their ability to propose solutions to sustainability issues, an educational goal of the SCOPE Program.
Part of this class was broadcasted on December 1, 2022 on a program called TSUNAGARU EHON. It can be viewed with English subtitles at the following website.

Instructor in charge: Hidemi Yoshida