On November 16, students participating in the “Global Society 1” class of the SCOPE program joined an online discussion with South Korean graduate students.

Lecturer Dr. Eunmi Choi (Research Fellow at The Asan Institute for Policy Studies) introduced the students who are taking her class “Global Civil Society” in the graduate school of Yonsei University. The students’ backgrounds were diverse, such as office workers and a journalist.

First of all, we expressed our condolences to all the victims of the Itaewon accident in Seoul and discussed the cause of the accident and how to improve conditions. Both SCOPE and Yonsei students gave some solutions to avoid such a tragedy.

Next, we talked about international relations in the East Asian region, especially relations between Japan and South Korea. SCOPE students recognized the reality of the Korean peninsula and South Korean people’s perspectives on the issue of North Korean military provocations, such as nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles developments and its tests.

Last, students from both universities remarked on this opportunity. All the students wanted to have more time to talk about other topics and hoped to join such an event again.

We appreciate Dr. Eunmi Choi and her students.